Code For Boulder lies within the intersection of tech, data, and community engagement. Boulder is a vibrant city; we join up with local government, non-profits, and community organizers to help bring out the best in the place we call home.

Founded as a brigade of Code for America, Code for Boulder hosts a weekly Meetup, regular hackathons, and acts as an incubator for civic tech.

Who we are

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Brigade Leadership


Brandon Minor

Brigade Captain | Slack handle: @bminortx

Twitter | LinkedIn


Devon Hof

Brigade Captain


Dan O'Brien

Logistics Coordinator


Guiding principles

  • Solve real problems. We solve problems that real people have, we make sure what we build works for them, and we continuously improve it. We solve real problems instead of creating elegant code and robust systems to solve imagined ones.
  • Work with, not for the people we serve. We start with our users, the people affected by the service, and understand and respect their needs throughout the process. We also respect and support public servants, and when we are critical of government outcomes, we blame the system, not the people.

  • We build up -- from the user to the system, and from the local to the federal.

  • Work lean, iterate quickly. Get a working minimum viable product (MVP) in front of users as early as possible and make continuous improvements based on how they use the service.

  • Make it better with data. Inform iterations with data about user behavior. Evaluate programs based on statistically-sound ground-truthed data about outcomes.

  • Impact not ideology. Government that works for all people doesn’t belong to one party or ideology. We welcome all political and social views that respect the principle that government should work effectively for all Americans with respect and dignity.

  • Shape the market, don't capture the market. Government that works for all requires the vendor ecosystem to change to become more responsive to user needs. We have the potential to create the biggest change when our projects seek to shape, rather than capture, the market for government technology.

  • Non-partisan, but not neutral. We are an alliance of non-partisan groups, but that non-partisanship does not imply neutrality. This community has a vision for what government should be and will work to bring that vision into reality.

  • Default to open. Work in the open and collaborate with the community to help make programs and services better for everyone.