Code for Boulder kicked off the Trends Online project on Wednesday in collaboration with the Community Foundation of Boulder County.  The project involves development of an online resource of key indicators that track the quality of life in our community.  Currently, the Community Foundation develops a very comprehensive Trends report bi-yearly of these indicators.   What we aim to do, is make this report come to life online, providing an interactive resource that allows for analysis of the most recent data.


A very talented and diverse group of twenty civic innovators attended the meeting.  Thank you to the current Code for Boulder members who attended and a warm welcome to the new members:  Robert Mulley, Le Chang, Tim Ene, Peter Gengler, Sai Mandalaparty, Jon Conley, Melissa Bica, Pam Clark, Christopher Hutchinson, Gretchen Minekime and Erika Stutzman.  With such a talented, experienced and motivated team, we have the potential for an awesome product!

The initial phase of Trends Online involves discovering the requirements in terms of functionality, features and use cases, through various methods such as user interviews and investigative research.  The development phase will start in 2106 with an initial product release that year.

Leaders from Code for Boulder and Community Foundation are currently planning next steps for this project and will schedule the next team meeting very soon.

Thank you to the Community Foundation of Boulder County for providing space for our meeting, and to Rally for providing refreshments.