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Meetup- Main Boulder Library

Agenda and Updates

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The NDoCH approaches (Sept 21). Here’s a doc/game plan to get things moving:

  • Where are we holding it?

  • Who should we approach for sponsorship? What do we need?

  • What’s the schedule?

  • How should we organize project hacking?

  • What other Meetups should we reach out to? Analyze Boulder, React meetups, data meetups, other brigades…

  • Who’s doing all of this??

This is a unique opportunity to bring in others to our projects, outside of the usual brigade members. Contact any meetups or local groups that might have the skills you need to kick off your projects. 

Brigade Conference (Deadline here!!)

Registration for the Code for America Brigade Conference is open, and comped tickets are only around for another two days! It’s being held on Oct. 18-Oct. 20 in Cleveland, OH. There’s no limit to who can attend from our Brigade, and there’s no requirement of position held within the group. If you want to learn more, let Brandon know by Friday August 30th.


Teaching: Thanks to all who volunteered to help teach technical skills to the City of Boulder. There’s more information to share:

  • Subjects and involvement metrics have been passed onto the City. We’ll hear back later this week/early next week about what the City finds valuable from the list.

  • There will be equal opportunity to mentor and teach. Have a 6-class series in mind? The City can probably host! Want to work more one-on-one, as needed? This is also on the table! The framework will be loose enough that you’ll be able to contribute no matter what your desired level of involvement. More on this next week as well.

This project will rest more on the brigade’s shoulders than most others. Once off of the ground, there will probably be no project lead or sponsor; it’s just the teachers with their students. The brigade will support these efforts as much as possible, and tying into existing projects is just icing on the cake. 

Projects: Make sure to update the Meeting minutes with your current progress! Let’s keep the momentum up. NDoCH is a great target date/deadline…

Also: We will be having board elections in October. What does this mean? If you’re interested in being
- Co-leader of the Brigade
- Communications Lead (Meeting Minutes, Twitter, Insta, FB…)
- Logistics Lead (Event organization, donations…)
- Technical Lead (Cyber auth, deployment, cyber hygiene for the Brigade…)
…then this is the time to step up. We’re getting big enough and consistent enough that having more people pitch in will be a help, and not a burden. The board is absolutely encouraged to work on projects within the brigade, but will also build a productive and safe environment for the brigade at large. Better environment, better projects, better brigade!

Earlier Event: August 21
Meetup-Main Boulder Library