Meeting Minutes

“If Brandon is late to the meeting, just get it started” 
     - Sun Tzu, Art of War

General Announcements

The National Day of Civic Hacking is upon us! Code for America is putting a lot of resources behind making this a brigade-wide event of collective action. They’ve provided resources to help brigades towards that goal:

  • Code for America’s National Day of Civic Hacking toolkit. This has tons of information about CfA’s philosophy on the day, as well as definitive actions Brigades can take.

  • In order to get our event on the NDoCH website, we need to register our event with Code for America by August 16th. Registration is done here.

From CfA itself:

Remember, National Day (Sept 21), coincides with National Expungement Week (N.E.W), where local and national groups in the criminal justice space are organizing more than 35 events across the country. Most of these events overlap with Brigade cities. Importantly, the tactics selected by Brigade Leaders are not dependent on whether or not there is a N.E.W. event in your city. Check out the toolkit for more info.

If you would like to lead the CfB NDoCH effort this year, talk to Captain Brandon Minor at brandon ~ at ~ (or on Slack, or just at a meeting!).

Project Updates

Upswing (#proj-upswyng): They’re close! Business cards have been printed. Now for the deployment. They’ve been set up with GSuite, and are integrating the Maps API into the application.

Global Charity Fund (#proj-kalicos): Devon has done a lot of work in getting progress unified. However, the design work is going slow, since project managers have been back and forth. There’s currently a bifurcation in the direction this project might go, but for our purposes, we’ll get something out on which others can iterate!

Teaching Boulder (#general): The Open Data team is working on a curriculum. They’re going to start on Tableau, and then PowerBI. Other subjects on the table are R, Python, data cleaning, Excel, etc. Those interested in teaching should fill out this Google Form.

Code for Boulder website (#proj-cfb-website): Dong (@Dong Lee) has revised the format of the website. It’s now time to start filling out blocks and styling.

Next Meeting

  • NDoCH: We need a leader to organize the day, and some more discussion about what we want to do.

  • Upswyng: Deploy!

  • Global Charity Fund: There is a duality of projects right now, split between Kalicos and Global Charity Finder. There’s an interesting question of gamification for non-profit information; what can be done with this? Those interested in either filling out the existing project or adding to the new, gamified website should talk to Devon (@Devon Hof) and Shalisha (@kalicoscommunity)

  • Teaching: Send the City a list of subjects that we feel confident teaching. They will narrow it down and send us feedback on what they want to learn!