Meeting Minutes


The National Day of Civic Hacking is upon us! We’re going to focus on working through our own projects for this year. We need to look for space; sponsors; project leads and organizers for the day. Let’s get to it. If you would like to lead the CfB NDoCH effort this year, talk to Captain Brandon Minor at brandon ~ at ~ (or on Slack, or just at a meeting!).

Also, registration for the Code for America Brigade Conference is now open to anyone in the brigade!

  • Link to register is here. Link for comped tickets is here.


Upswing (#proj-upswyng): coming along. hoping to deploy next month.

Global Charity Fund (#proj-kalicos): Still cleaning up the server. Additional ideas will have to be vetted by the group.

Teaching Boulder (#general): We’re working on communication between the brigade and the City.