Meeting Minutes

General Announcements

Sept 21st is National Day of Civic Hacking. Not doing anything for it this meeting, but CfA has posted a great document talking about what it means to the Brigades this year. Check it out here.

Project Updates

Code for Boulder Website: We have a new repository on GitHub! It’s a small React project, but it will grow. Goal is to replace this website and move away from Squarespace, while still keeping the style and the flare.

UpSwyng: Keeping up! Getting ready for initial release soon (date pending).

Global Charity Finder: The project is getting a big overhaul, starting with the frontend. We’re cleaning up the server and the database + adding issues to the GitHub repository for the frontend. Whoever wants to build the frontend… can.

Open Data Project: Matt is cleaning through the data. He needs some more datasets that might benefit the city directly (GIS data, perhaps?)

[NEW] Teaching the City: The City has approved our team to teach for credit! Things needed: R, PowerBI, Tableau, data cleaning, programming, Python, Excel, data visualization and design best practices, data story telling and communication… the list goes on. We should record the classes for the City and our own use (Use recordings on Udemy/Lynda Learning to raise funds?). Might go to to the City to parse the first couple of class suggestions, and see which we can do.

CfB members that are interested in teaching a subject should fill out the form here!

Next Meeting

  • Hackathon - Brainstorm about whether we'll partner with Code for Denver, Code for Ft. Collins, etc.

  • UpSwyng will be close to launch! Providers need an easy way to update their information, but beyond that, things look pretty solid.

  • Global Charity Finder - Cleaning up the server data. In a few months: Waiting for contact with Boulder React meetup or get people out of a boot camp to work on it.

  • Open Data Project - Curriculum development for Tableau and Power BI.

  • Website - Make UI elements for website. We have a working framework and routing.