Code for Boulder is a local non-profit that seeks to raise civic awareness through technology. As part of Code for America, our members are not just techies that understand the issues; we’re members of the community hoping to build better lives for everyone through the smart use of tech.

...but we want to do more. We’re a growing organization, and we don’t always have the resources on hand to bring these important projects to fruition.  Come lend a hand!


Come to a Meeting

Visit our Meetup page for our updated schedule of events.

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Sponsor a meetup

Code for Boulder is working to build a better community, but it’s hard to do it alone. Join us as we create great products for those inside and out of the Boulder Bubble.

Meeting Sponsors: Sponsor a Code for Boulder meetup by providing food + drinks + space! Attendance varies, but a full Meetup runs us around $75 worth of pizza and drinks. We’re also in need of a stable meeting place for our Meetups on Wednesday nights after work hours. Providing any or all of the above resources will win you a place in our hearts, our slide deck, and our website.

Technical Sponsors: A guiding tenant of Code for Boulder is teaching members the skills they need to contribute to the community. If you or your business has expertise in software, management, project building, fundraising, outreach, come share those skills with us! Just providing your time and experience on a project can make a huge difference.

Contact us at cfbleaders ~ at ~

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help us pay the bills

Monetary donations can help us join trade and networking groups in the area, or travel to partner cities and projects. All gifts are tax-deductible through Code for America’s status as a 501(c)(3) registered non-profit.