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Community Fruit Rescue

Community Fruit Rescue works to build community, promote hyper-local food systems, and steward healthy relationships with wildlife by harvesting and distributing the abundant, overlooked, and delicious fruit that grows in the backyards, alleyways, and public parks of Boulder, Colorado.

They are an established program! In their first year (2014), Fruit Rescue harvested 11,000 lbs of fruit from 43 homes (out of 210 registered homes) with the help of over 200 participants and 13 neighborhood coordinators. Over half the fruit was donated to schools and six local charities. This amounted to a tiny fraction of the total fruit available, and faced with such bounty and such waste, they can’t wait to do even more with Boulder’s fruit abundance.

Disparate technology tools were hurriedly assembled as demand for rescue services ballooned days after the 2014 launch: a homepage (, a registration Google Form (, and a crude “Coordinator Command Center” (, user: coordinator / password: savethefruit) built on a Google Fusion Table.

Help us create the centralized fruit rescue application!


Overall purpose

  • Collect fruit owner and volunteer registrations.
  • Facilitate communication with owners and volunteers.
  • Plan, coordinate, and track fruit harvests and donations.
  • Generalized for easy adoption by similar organizations across the globe (listed at

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